About Sharon Blomfield …


I am a Canadian traveller and writer who thought that I ought to go to Greece sometime. The island of Sifnos looked a likely place for a shortish visit, I decided. Then my travels would take me somewhere else altogether. The world, after all, is large and there is plenty more to be seen.

Well … I’ve come back to Sifnos ten more times now and counting, always for four weeks at a time, and along the way I’ve learned that the more closely you look, the more interesting what you’re seeing becomes and the more adventures that will find you.

I’d like to share my Sifnos in the hopes that I might inspire you, wherever you travel and whatever you see, to engage with it deeply before you rush off to the next spot. I can’t make any promises, but do that and I’m betting that somewhere on this earth you, too, will find a place that no matter how far it is from your home will make you feel that you somehow belong. And when that happens, I’d like to hear about it from you.


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