Note from The Sifnos Chronicler

Those of you watching this space will know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and might be wondering what that means.

Is it that I’ve run away and decided to stop writing about Sifnos? Far from it. That I’m having trouble thinking of new things to say about my beloved Greek isle? Not at all. It’s not either that I’ve stopped writing entirely, my life now filled with other endeavours of various sorts. Hardly.

I’ve been writing more in these past few months than I ever have in my whole life, all of my current scribblings devoted to revising the first draft of my next book, a sequel to The Sifnos Chronicles: tales from a greek isle. I’ve not settled on its title quite yet, so I can’t share that with you now. I can tell you though that it will take readers along with me through through sunny days and soft, balmy nights in whitewashed stone alleys and seaside villages to local tavernas  where I’m  welcomed yet again as though I were family, and into conversations with those I never expected to meet.

Many of the characters from The Chronicles (well, they’re real people) are back and there are new friends too, open-hearted and quirky, generous beyond belief, people who teach me yet again that kindness, when given away, multiplies itself. People who make me laugh harder than I do almost anywhere else on this earth. 

For now, I’m off on a short vacation. But keep your eyes peeled. Over the next months I’ll have plenty more to tell you. In the meantime, happy and meaningful travels.

The Sifnos Chronicler

Sharon Blomfield is the author of The Sifnos Chronicles: tales from a greek isle and, new in spring 2019, Sifnos Chronicles 2: more greek island tales. These books are available at To Bibliopoleio, The Book Shop in Apollonia, Sifnos, at Tithorea, a Greek food shop in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada and on Amazon.

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